The prayer of life

The prayer of life is easy to get into if you are not used to praying. At the same time it has a depth to grow in. The prayers are so short that you can quickly learn them by heart. When you use them they can become one with your breathing. Try to breathe calmly. Pray the first part of the prayer when you breathe in and the second part when you breathe out. Then, you breathe prayer.

Let the prayer of life become a journey through history, your life and your day.

Carl-Henrik Karlsson

Thank you for everything you have created,
thank you that you are here

Thank you, Jesus, that you died for me,
thank you that you are alive today

Late morning
Come Holy Spirit,
I want to live close to you

May more people come to know you,
let your love flow through me

I give you my burdens,
I receive your peace

Everything I need
is your love and forgiveness

Thank you, my Lord Jesus,
that you are coming soon

Biblisk förkunnelse sedan 1999