In 1992 Carl-Henrik Karlsson was called to the ministry for preaching, and in the same year he also received the seed for what would be Källan.

The name of Källan
A desire to reach out with biblical preaching and teaching grew and he had a number of names for a future platform. One day when Carl-Henrik Karlsson was sitting in a medieval church, the name ”Källan” (the spring, the source, the fountain, the well) came to him clearly. It was not a name he would choose and he did not quite see the depth of it. However, the seed had been sown and after some time a starting capital was deposited, which was stored in a small red cash box for several years.

Everything started with cassette tape
In 1999 Carl-Henrik saw that there was a need for cassette tape (an analog magnetic audio tape) with devotions for use in the car or wherever. In order to release the cassette tapes and continue the work, Källan was founded by the two who participated in the cassette tape, Sofia Johansson and Carl-Henrik Karlsson. People responded positively and the organization developed and grown.

Sharing the gospel with the Jews has a long history in Sweden. Svenska Israelsmissionen (The Swedish Israel Mission, 1875-1975) and later on Göteborgs Israelskrets (The Gothenburg fellowship for Israel, 1989-2012) are our ancestors. Since 2013, Källan carry on the inheritance from the pioneers.

Biblisk förkunnelse sedan 1999